Innovating Plasma Antennas and Related Technologies

Haleakala R&D intends to place the first commercially feasible gaseous plasma antennas and plasma smart antennas into the general and specialty antennas marketplace. These new technologies offer the potential for a new wide range of intelligent antenna solutions, which are not available when using conventional antennas.

We plan to utilize the revolutionary new gaseous plasma antenna technology that Dr. Theodore Anderson Ph.D., developed as an independent inventor for more than 17 years. The Gaseous Plasma Antenna (GPA) and Plasma Smart Antenna (PSA) will bring highly competitive offerings in the growing world of wireless solutions.

Advanced Medical and Military Antenna Technology

Our team in Brookfield, MA comprises Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and technicians. We develop novel approaches for coding of sensor networks to convert spatially distributed sensor nodes into efficient, robust, and secure wireless networks. Through research, development, and commercialization, we look to create state-of-the-art communication systems for the military, telecommunications, and medical industries.

The primary feature of our plasma antenna is that it can be extinguished when not in use. Unlike the frequency in a metal antenna, it is always there, and cannot be turned off. These technologies are beneficial when used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) applications.

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